Triple Bliss Meditation Candles

Made with 100% High Quality Soy and Essential Oils

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"Heal" Meditation Candle

We all find ourselves in a place where our bodies are tired or we aren't feeling our best. Your Bliss "Heal" meditation candle is perfect to bring healing energy into your atmosphere. We have infused this Natural Soy Wax candle with high quality Rose essential oil. Rose oil has a very high vibrational energy signature and because it has wonderful properties for aromatherapy. You simple have to have this one. Each candle is handcrafted to complement your meditation experience by not being too heavy on the fragrance.

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"Happy" Meditation Candle

This amazing candle is exactly what you need to boost your mood anytime you need that "pick me up". The vibe on this candle is shear "Bliss"! Happy is a Natural Soy Wax candle that is infused with high quality Lemon Verbena essential oils. Each candle is handcrafted to complement your meditation experience by not being too heavy on the fragrance.

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"Abundance" Meditation Candle

Your Bliss "Abundance" meditation candle is perfect for setting the atmosphere. This Natural Soy Wax is infused with high quality essential oils. Bergamot and Lemongrass are associated with drawing wealth and prosperity into ones life. This is truly going to be a favorite of yours!

Limited Time!! Get THREE Powerful Guided Meditations "FREE"

I have found that meditation has been the best thing for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. If you allow it to, it can change your life for the better. I have created these meditation tracks to be used with your "Triple Bliss" candle collection. When you purchase your Triple BLISS meditation candles you will get a FREE guided meditation recorded specifically for each individual candle.

Use 25% Discount Code: Bliss1111

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This is beautiful guided "Healing Fountain" meditation is created to usher you into a place of healing and restoration for the Body, Mind & Spirit! It is perfectly pair with your "Bliss Meditation Candle" collection.

Wealth and prosperity is all around us. We simply have to recognize it. This spirited and peaceful guided meditation is designed to align you with all of the abundance that you so deserve!

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This is a powerfully relaxing guided meditation that focuses on being happy! When you can be in a space of happiness you are become a vibrational match for wonderful things to enter your life.

Something Fresh...

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This is really out of the box for me, but talking with my friend Audrey, she had the idea that I should create “meditation candles” for my hypnosis clients. Everyone who has worked with me knows I use the word “BLISS” religiously in my sessions to anchor really positive energy and feelings. Therefore, the name of my new line of candles is called Bliss. There are 3: Happy, Abundance and Heal! Thanks to Tamika for making this beautiful candle collection for us!

These candle are made to bring wonderful energy into your personal space and to illuminate the power of the subconscious mind.

It's amazing how the Universe moves. It was never intended to be a "Big Thing", but I guess there were other plans. The response has been so enormous we had to ramp up production to meet demand. I am so happy to bring these lovingly handcrafted candles to you. #Bliss

Be Brilliant,


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We started with the simple idea of bringing the best wholistic products from us to you. We put lots of love and careful thought into each and every candle. With Natural Soy Wax to High Quality Essential Oils, we hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share your experience with others.



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